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Rules for the Soccerjam server

Общи правила.
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16 юли 2018 03:18

Game rules - Soccerjam

1. Scoring on an empty goal is forbidden.
*An exception is made when the goalkeeper has been killed. Then you are allowed to score on an empty goal.
*If the opponent pass you the ball by accident in the penalty area, you are allowed to score on an empty goal, as this is an oponnent's mistake.
*If the opponent's goalkeeper leaves the goal, when you are in the penalty line already, it's allowed to score on an empty goal. The goalkeeper must defends his goal when you are in the penalty line, so it will be an opponent's goalkeeper mistake.
2. When an opponent's player step on the penalty line in your penalty area, you must play as a goalkeeper and defend your goal.
*If a teammate goes as goalkeeper, you don't need to go too, because one goalkeeper is enough, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be helping him when he needs it.
*Goalkeeper is the player who's in the territory of the penalty area.
3. Killing an opponent right in the line of the penalty arrea without a goalkeeper is forbidden.
4. Staying in your penalty area where the lasers are in order to kill or slowdown your opponent is forbidden.
5. Staying on top of any of the goals is forbidden.
6. Climbing on the stands (if the map has stands) with the ball in order to delay the game is forbidden.
7. Players are not allowed when they are far from their penalty area to shoot the ball to their area and suicide in order to get the ball when respawn.
8. If the opponent scores on an empty goal, you are not allowed to "return the favor" as scoring on an empty goal as well. There are admins who will punish the offenders. If there isn't, you can complain to the offender.
9. It is forbidden cooperation between both teams!
10. Passing is NOT mandatory, but it's recommended, because everyone wants to be part of the game.
11. Insulting inexperienced players, or players who play the mod for first time is strictly forbidden! Anyway, everyone has to start somewhere, right ? So please, show patience and understanding.
12. Cavil or fighting admins and their decisions is forbidden. If you have objections, you can complaint in the forum.

If you feel unjustly banned by admin, you can make a topic in this section.

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