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Bugs on # Hns blockmaker

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Kashen HNS GOD
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20 фев 2018 18:32

Hello i know very much bugs in hns blockmaker can a mod with /bm contact me so we can get this bugs fixed. it is crazy i know much

Types of bugs = up on the map, boxes, skip jumps, get weapons with no jump

contact me and i show all bugs
I am no robot everybody can do wrong!
Sorry i am no BG!
But you can write BG my google chrome have auto translator!

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A State of Trance AVB
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United Kingdom

24 фев 2018 23:22

We'll try and fix the bugs very soon. In the meantime, what you can do is try to explain to me the bugs by contacting me via private message and telling on which map/s are the bugs and we'll work on fixing them.

https://discord.gg/zxDBgKF - Можете да се присъедините към дискорд сървъра, който е направен за забавление и общуване.

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