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Rules for the HnS Blockmaker server

Общи правила.
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16 юли 2018 02:49

Game Rules - HNS # Blockmaker
1. Using HACKS is strictly forbidden!
2. Using the command "retry" or reconnecting to the server after being killed is forbidden.
3. Delaying the game on purpose is forbidden.
4. Playing No Kill between both teams is forbidden.
5. Blocking an enemy wherever you are is forbidden.
6. Cooperation between both teams is forbidden.
7. All general server rules take part here as well.

Rules for Counter-Terrorists

1. Counter-Terrorists must chase and seek Terrorists.
2. Undercamp/Understab is forbidden (hunting terrorists from underneath them and camp under blocks, teleports, guns etc - and hunt terrorists when they fall.
3. Camping at speed boost on purpose is forbidden.

Rules for Terrorists

1. Hiding around on purpose is forbidden.
2. Camping on high places especially gun blocks is forbidden.
3. Removing blocks right before CT steps on it, blocking them in that way, is forbidden.
4. Freezing CT over dead blocks is forbidden.

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