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Rules for the Ghost Mod server

Общи правила.
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16 юли 2018 02:42

Game Rules - GhostMod
1. Cooperation between ghosts and ghostbusters is forbidden.
2. Its forbidden to hinder your teammates.
3. Hiding on purpose to delay the game is forbidden.
4. Playing No Kill is forbidden.
5. Playing on Software Mode is strictly disallowed in this mod!
6. Going to unreachable places for either both teams is forbidden.
7. Being here and here on the map sea_dust2 is prohibited.

Rules for the Ghostbusters [CT]

1. The Ghostbusters [CT] are obliged to go and defuse the bomb (C4) when its set. Playing around the map looking for ghosts until the timer is running, or not going for the bomb will cause you a punishment.
* Ghostbusters main objective is to defuse the bomb, wether the way will be full of ghosts - they must try to reach and defuse the bomb, doesn't matter if that will cost their lives. Otherwise those who didn't even tried to reach the bomb will be subjected to punishment in the next round. Excuses like "But i've been attacked" are not counted as legitimateg - you are obliged to go and try to defuse the bomb, not to frag ghosts.
* When the timer is at 5 or less seconds, then you don't need to defuse the bomb.

Rules for the Ghosts [T]
1. Ghosts [T] are obliged to set the bomb.
*If they fail to set up the bomb, after the end of the round, the last ghost who carried the bomb will be subjected to punishment. An exception is made if the ghost took the bomb from a dead teammate when there are 10 or less seconds until the end of the round.
*Doesn't matter if the places where the bomb should be set, or the way will get them to certain death, the ghost who carries the bomb must try to plant it with possible assistance by its teammates. The same rule remains for the next ghost who will take the bomb - doesn't matter the circumstances.
*If the ghost who was chosen to carry the bomb first, get killed or leave the game, and the bomb is guarded by a Ghostbuster/s, then all survived ghost must try to take the bomb. If they don't try to take c4, and the bomb is at the same place at the end of the round and ghosts lose, then all survived ghosts will be subjected to punished. If there is admin in game, he must warn them not to delay the game like that.
*The ghost who carries the bomb is not allowed to drop the bomb to unreachable places.

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