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Rules for the Base Builder server

Общи правила.
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16 юли 2018 00:06

Game rules - BaseBuilder 18+

Rules for Survivors [CT]

1. AirCamp is forbidden (this includes bases, which are unreachable to all zombie classes!
2. Building bases next to each other is forbidden.
3. Keeping more than 5 objects is forbidden.
4. According to the different types of slow, then different rules are added:
  • Slow Tunnel - (The bug with the pipe) is allowed to use
    * As the server is 100aa and there is a Jump Zombie + Upgrades, then there is no problem in building this type of tunnel.
  • Slow (for jumping) is forbidden only for all types of layer bases where the zombies block each other.
    *For the rest types of bases Slow (for jumping) is allowed to build.
  • Slow with blue object + for jumping is forbidden for all types of bases!
    *When there is a slow base with low ceiling + blue subject on the floor - Passing the base is nearly impossible.
5. Blocking T Spawn [Zombie Base] is forbidden.
6. Zombie Tunnels are forbidden.
*Example - click here.
7. More than two survivors with Golden Weapons in one base is forbidden.
8. Getting in foreign bases without an invitation from the owner is forbidden.
*An exception is made when the owner of the base has been killed.
9. It's forbidden jumping around the map with no reason if you have low gravity. This is some kind of Air!
10. Killing AFK players for credits & raising your rank in /top15 is forbidden.
11. If you are alive its forbidden to own more than one Golden Weapon. Also, you are not allowed to take more than 1 Golden Weapon when you're alive EVEN if you have dropped the old one.
*An exception is made, if you die during the round and you respawn. Then you can take Golden Weapon again, as long as you follow the rules above.
  • Example #1
    Here you own more than 1 Golden Weapon (Let's say about 2-3-4) which is unfair to the others so that's forbidden.
  • Example #2
    Here you get 1 Golden Weapon, waste its ammo, drop it, and get new Golden Weapon. Like that you receive unlimited ammo with Golden Weapon which is more bad than the previous example.

12. Blocking CT Spawn is forbidden.
13. Dragging objects out of the map in order to screw up is forbidden.
14. Destroying & blocking someone else's base is strictly forbidden.
15. Its allowed maximum to 1 Golden Weapon in layer bases (where the zombies block each other) and bases with slow (for jumping).
*In bases which you are using objects in the form of a pipe, to make tunnel with low ceiling, the rule still remains even if you can jump a little, because there, the slow (for jumping) is happening in another way.
*Also in this situation - using 1 or more Golden Weapons its forbidden to use M249 with.
16. Building bases like the type unstuck is forbidden when the zombies are less than 4.
17. Shooting in foreign bases where there are alive survivor/s is forbidden.
*An exception is made only if there are no survivors in the base which you're shooting at.
18. Stealing sky bases by putting object front of the owner object, and then call yourself for owner of this base is forbidden.
19. Maximum 1 BLUE (SLOW) 3 RED (FIRE) objects is allowed per base.
*In layer bases blue (slow) objects is forbidden.
20. Maximum number of players allowed in 1 base are 3.
21. Buying FrostNade more than 2 times from /shop is forbidden.
22. Placing green object beside blue object is forbidden because it is a bug and it's like you have 2 blue (slow) objects.
23. To use BattleBuild you must follow the terms below:
  • *Making air/bunker your bases even with BattleBuild is forbidden.
    *Using an object for protection when you push the zombie with it (it's considered as air).
    *Dragging or taking down players from their bases.
    *Dragging objects out of the map (It's possible someone else wants to buy BattleBuild and use these objects).

24. The owner of a base should previously choose with who he is gonna play with, which means he is not allowed to change them during battle phase!
  • *Example#1 - The owner choose player A and player B to play with him, but during the round player C joins the game and get respawned. If player C wants to get in the base, and the owner agrees, he is NOT ALLOWED to expel player A or player B to let player C in.
  • *Example#2 - The owner of a base even if he plays with only 1 player (which means there is a free slot for one more player) he still is not allowed to swap him. In case 3rd player wants to get in the base, and the owner agrees, then he should get in the base as 3RD PLAYER. In other words, he cannot swap the 1-st player with the 2-nd one.

25. A player can become a new owner of a base which is not his ONLY IF the old owner is dead for sure.
*i.e - If the old owner respawns, the base still belongs to him. In other words - other players can become new owners after he dies for a second time. Of course, if the old owner does not respawn (As players don't respawn everytime), then other players can become new owners of the base.
*The rule still remains if the new owner die.
26. Every single survivor, who plays in base, where the zombies block each other, he must kill the first zombie first!
*That doesn't mean you can't shoot the other zombies to reduce their health.
  • *Example: You leave the first zombie with 500hp and you shoot the second zombie, and leave it with 500hp as well - in this case, you must kill the first zombie, then the second zombie.

*If you don't shoot the zombies at all, then it means you play No Kill and there will be punishment.
27. Building more than 4 layers where the zombies block each other when there are 2 or more survivors in a base, isforbidden.
*An exception is made when you play alone, then you can build as much layers as you want.

Rules for Zombies [T]

1. It is forbidden for zombies to leave their spawn zone before the build time is over.
2. Playing No Kill and any kind of cooperation between humans and zombies is forbidden.
3. All zombies must chanse the humans.
4. Any zombie is allowed to buy Antidote, but if it wants to get in a base, then the zombie should ask the owner for permission (unless the humans in the base are 3) otherwise the zombie its not allowed to buy antidote at this base.
*An exception is made when the base is empty, then the zombie can buy antidote without the permission of someone.*Zombie with Antidote become automatically the new owner of the base, EVEN if the old owner has respawned. In that case, the old owner should ask for a permission from the new owner to get in the base.
*The rule still remains if the new owner die (Only the zombies with Antidote).

Rules for SMS/Server Admins!

1. All rules for T and CT remains here!
2. Moving objects is forbidden only when:
*Moving more than 2 objects to fix your base.
*Remove an object to exit your base.
*Remove an object and then replace it back to get in their base.
*Bulding absolutely new base or upgrading a big part of the current base.
*Adding extra blue (slow), red (fire), green (regeneration) objects.
*Build a base if you are a zombie.
*Move objects around the map with no reason.
**Example - a players needs their base to be fixed, but the admin mess around with the objects.
*Abusing with the object by using it as a shield.
3. Giving free golden weapons to the players is forbidden.
4. It is forbidden to lock your bases! (Remains for all administrators)
5. Transfer yourself from T to CT and back its forbidden.
**Excluding situations when transfer is necessary.
6. A Server Admin, if zombie and there is a ball in zombie base after build and prep time, he MUST remove it.
7. It's forbidden.
to take golden weapons before build time until battle phase.

If you feel unjustly banned by admin, you can make a topic in this section.

*Danger-CS reserves it's right to edit the topic at any time!*

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